Best Under the Sink/Under the Counter RO Water Purifier

Well, what exactly the Under the sink/ under the counter water purifier is? I till now had not heard about this. I am unaware of this till last year when I was thinking about remodeling my kitchen. Did I go for it? Wait till the end to find out I will be used under the sink / under the counter interchangeably by which it is completely shared here.

Anyhow these water purifiers are going to be available in both UV UF and also in RO capability as well. But since there’s a lot of ground to cover I am going to primarily focus on RO under the sink water purifiers. Hence for instance If you would like a comparison of under the sink UV UF water purifiers can drop me a comment. Anyhow Under the counter, RO water purifiers are exactly the same as your under the counter RO water purifier.

Under the Sink or Under the Counter RO Water Purifier

Because in the water purification process it is going to hide sometimes your untidy water purifier successfully by placing the same just under the sink. This is where nobody can actually see it or notice it. So it’s time to decide whether you need an RO water purifier or a UV UF water purifier. Go through here to find out more so assuming that you do need a RO water purifier.

Best Under the Sink or Under the Counter RO Water Purifier

If you are considering an under the sink RO water purifier, the query is can you use your regular RO under the sink? RO absolutely not because your regular RO water purifier does not have a pressure tank that is responsible enough to push the water up. Also, it does not have the ability to disperse water outside of the tank within the RO water purifier itself. So when should you consider an under-the-sink RO water purifier? Let’s begin!!

under the sink water purifier


When you want to hide your water purifier you might want to consider an under-the-sink RO water purifier that covers all of the various parts of the water purifier and only exposes a dispersal faucet.

Connect it to other water sources

So for example, if you have a refrigerator that disperses water so then you might want to connect this to your refrigerator as well. For water dispersal that’s not possible through an over counter our water purifier.

When and What to Use

The third reason is when you want to use purified water for your cooking needs as well like washing your grocery washing your vessels and so on this, you can do with an over the counter water purifier as well but it might be a little bit more cumbersome than using an under the counter water purifier.

So other considerations to keep in mind when you are purchasing an under-the-sink RO water purifier is the upfront cost of an under-the-sink RO water purifier.

Upfront Cost

It is higher than the counter water purifier. The other thing I have noticed is that the under-the-sink RO water purifier is not as technologically advanced as under the counter RO water purifier.

Some of the newer capabilities that are coming with over-the-counter water purifiers are not available in under-the-sink RO water purifiers. Some of the models are five-plus years old you will also see that there is very limited choice in terms of under-the-sink RO water purifiers because it’s not yet that popular in India.

If your kitchen counter is not already set up for an under-the-counter water purifier you may need to actually do some masonry plumbing and electrical work which I will talk about in a bit the area needs to be leakage-free because there will be an electrical connection under your sink.

You need to keep that area fairly clean and hygienic. Although there are no parts of the water purifier that is exposed to the external environment. Since you’re using this water for drinking and cooking you may want to keep that area clean.

So if there is a leakage from your kitchen tap drainage and so on it can get a little bit icky to keep your drinking water purifier over there.

Benefits of the under the sink water purifier compared to the under-the-counter water purifier

The following are the benefits of under the sink water purifier while compared to the under-the-counter water purifier. Let’s take a while on this and learn something interesting.

The first is the water dispersal rate.

The water is dispersed at a much faster rate up to two to four liters per minute in and under the counter RO water purifier primarily. Because it has a hydrostatic pressure tank which helps to disperse the water when you compare that with an over-the-counter water purifier. it disperses at a rate of one to two liters per minute.

The second reason is its non-obtrusive

So like I mentioned earlier it pretty much hides all of the components of your water purifier. So it looks better as well as it does not come in the way.

What are the components that are available in and under the sink water purifier?

It has the same set of filters as a RO water purifier so the RO membrane is the sediment filter, the carbon filter as well as a UV UF filter. If it is available in that particular model as opposed to the under the counter RO water purifier these actually have a hydrostatic pressure tank.

Because they need to push the water against gravity upwards. So that the water can be dispersed in the tap. It will have an extra water faucet right next to your kitchen tap. So you can actually have the choice of both purified water as well as tap water for your kitchen needs.

Hence with all of these considerations if you are convinced that you do need an under the sink RO water purifier what do you need to set up over the under the sink water purifier? Let’s head over to the same now.

What to Set up Over the Under the sink Water Purifier?

The first thing of course you need to have a water supply. The second is you need to have an electricity supply under the sink. Typically in most kitchens, this is not available and needs to be set up separately. You probably need a five-volt connection unless the water purifier that you’re purchasing has a heating option. As well you need to create a hole on your granite quartz marble countertop for the dispersal tap to be connected.

under sink water purifier india

You need a water outlet for the wastewater. So by which under the counter RO water purifier is best. So like I mentioned earlier there are very few models available in the under the counter RO water purifiers, rather than do a comparison of various different models like I always do.

Anyhow, I am going to list out the two best models that are available that you can pick from my number one recommendation.

kent xl plus model

It has a seven-liter water tank which is ideal for three to four people in the family. Also, it has a tedious controller. So you can actually set your output TDS levels between 50 and 150 which is ideal for drinking water. It does also have UV and UF technologies which are good.

best under sink water purifier

Because not many under the counter water purifiers have that. In addition, it also helps to retain your essential minerals. There are a few different listings of this model is in the marketplace. So make sure that you’re picking the one with the best reviews.

AO Smith z2 or z2 plus

This model has a smaller water tank compared to the kent xl plus also does not have UV or UF. But they do claim to have an additional membrane that actually filters out the bacteria and viruses. This is which could be considered equivalent to UF. It does have a mineral tech that helps to retain the essential minerals in the output water.

under sink ro water purifier

But the challenge also is that it does not have a TDS controller which in my opinion should be available in RO water purifiers at this price point. So if you are planning to go with an under the counter RO water purifier please go with my number one recommendation which actually does the best job of purification is my take on this is definitely a good option going forward especially if you are redoing your kitchen.

We recently redid our kitchen but did not go for this for three reasons:

  • One of our water purifiers is fairly new. Just one or two years old so I was not keen on actually replacing it right now.
  • secondly like you saw earlier there are very few options under the same water purifier at the moment so I would want to wait till the time there are more options to choose from.
  • Thirdly we wanted the tap of the water purifier to match with the tap that we already have in our kitchen which we weren’t sure whether we could do or not so that was the reason.

Why we did not go for the under the sink water purifier?

Even though we have actually made all the necessary provisions for an under the same water purifier like having an electric point, having a water inlet as well as an outlet, we did not go. But in the future, if we do want to go with and under the sink water purifier, we could go for that but one thing to highlight is that we have actually set up our over-the-counter water purifier in a way that it is not visible or inconvenient.


I hope the points shared above are crystal clear. If any doubts can drop a comment. We will surely clear it out. For more details or to learn more interesting or latest things, keep connected with bestwaterpurifierreviews anytime.

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