How To Hide Your RO Water Purifier Appliance Now in Kitchen?

How To Hide Your RO Water Purifier? We hid our RO water purifier behind this shelf.  The main consideration was that we should not be required to open the shelf door every time. We needed to draw water as we use this water for cooking and drinking.

So how did we do it? We made a cut on our shelf at the bottom that is barely visible when you see it from eye level but is still very convenient to draw water.  Since RO water purifiers have an outlet pipe which disposes of wastewater during purification,  we only take out that pipe when the tank is empty and we want to refill the tank once a day or once in 2 days based on our usage.

How To Hide Your RO Water Purifier Appliance in the Kitchen

At all other times, the outlet pipe is nicely hidden and closed. We also provided a 5A and a 15A plug point for future use if we want to use a water purifier with hot water.

How To Hide Your RO Water Purifier?

As we all know the water purifier had become a most significant kitchen appliance than any other. Anyhow in these urban areas, unfortunately, we see the drinking water completely unclear. If you have been observed keenly, there is a lot of contamination.

For instance, If your home place or living place is a nearby industry/ agricultural area, the groundwater is automatically got to get contaminated with muds, pesticides, industrial waste, and many others which is completely unhealthy and unhygienic.

under the sink water purifier

Hence you might ask whether there is a permanent solution or not. Absolutely yes!! Thus the solution is picking the best water purifier and getting it thereby undergoing an installation process at home to be done for further usage. Once the water purifier installation gets done, you can keep your water safe and make yourself always be healthier. But how to hide your RO water purifier? Very simple. Let’s have a simple overview of it now.

How to Hide Your RO Water Purifier?

Even though we see lots of water purifiers available in the current market, undergoing and choosing the under the sink RO water purifier installation is going to become the best solution. Hence this makes your kitchen look clean enough and precise.

Choosing this solution greatly helps in saving space and making sure you install the water purifier in a perfect way.  Also, the installation process is quite simple. All the process is not going to take much time. Hence doing so will help you get purified water even for cooking purposes. Hence it is clear that installing a water purifier under the sink going to be the best and permanent solution.

What are the Under the Sink RO Water Purifiers?

Under the sink, RO water purifiers are the new generation water purifiers available in India. Within a short time period, they ah become the most effective RO water purifiers that suit the kitchen in an effective way.


I hope the details or information shared above related to how to hide your RO water purifier appliance now in the kitchen is clear enough and understandable. To learn more details or useful information, stay in touch with the best water purifier reviews anytime.

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