3 States of Water: Solid, Liquid and Gaseous [New]

States of Water Solid, Liquid and Gaseous

Usually, we all know water exists in three different states of water. Thus they were solid, liquid, and gaseous. For instance, if you have been taken a look, the clouds, rain, and snow were made up of water. Right? Like in brief, rain looks in terms of liquid water. Cloud is comprised of many ice … Read more

14 Water Rich Foods That Will Help You Stay Hydrated

water rich foods

Did you know that almost two-thirds of your body is made up of water? Everything from millions of tiny cells to your skin. The body needs water to function properly. Therefore, it is important to drink plenty of fluids to stay well hydrated. But it’s not just drinks that can help you recharge your water levels. Many fruits and … Read more

The Keys to Water and Weight Loss

What are The Keys to Water and Weight Loss

The Keys to Water and Weight Loss were described here. Let me tell you Water is going to help a lot in obtaining a perfect weight loss. Let me tell you doing so is 100% calorie-free. All this process helps you in burning more calories and thereby suppresses the appetite when consumed before taking the … Read more

Water-A Simple Checklist Today-A Better Lifestyle Tomorrow

Water A Simple Checklist Today A Better Lifestyle Tomorrow

Water is the most essential or simple vital nutrient to most bodily functions. Unfortunately, the body never stores water. One must need fresh supplies all day. Thus the best source of fluid is considered as none other than fresh purified water. If you have been observing the child needs a certain amount of water per … Read more

What is SODIS Method [Solar Water Disinfection]?

What is SODIS Method

Well, what is SODIS Method? Before we learn the same, the SODIS is abbreviated as Solar Water Disinfection. Usually, the SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection) started as an initiative of Eawag, the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology.  Eawag supports the improvement and dissemination of the SODIS method (Solar Water Disinfection) through research in microbiology, … Read more

How to Filter Well Water and Keep It Safe to Drink Now

How to Filter Well Water

Nowadays, there are more and more homes with a well water supply and the best thing to have purified water in your home is to have the best filter for well water. This filtration system is becoming increasingly popular for its ability to clean and filter the various contaminants in well water. We must thoroughly … Read more

What is a Water Softener? How Does Water Softener Work?

What is a Water Softener How Does Water Softener Work

Well, the water softener is considered a whole-house filtration system. This is what takes responsibility for removing both calcium and magnesium minerals that cause the hardness of the water via a simple process called ion exchange. A water softener tackles one of the most prevalent and devastating water problems – hard water. It removes minerals … Read more

Best RO Water Purifiers under 12k,above12k and Buying Guide

Best RO Water Purifiers under 12k,above12k and Buying Guide

Why are there so many different types of water purifiers? Are the best RO water purifiers under 12k available? While choice is good, too much choice is confusing for the buyer. Every single vendor has multiple different models with minute differences, which becomes very, very difficult to choose from. I went over 18 different types … Read more

Which Water Purifier is Best for Your Home?

Which Water Purifier is Best for Your Home

Which Water Purifier is Best for Your Home? RO, UV, MF, UF, Alkaline, PH. What the hell do you prefer to buy? What are your taste and preferences? Are you really sure you have to search for the right water purifier? If you have seen the many, many pages of the many, there are many … Read more

Best Under the Sink/Under the Counter RO Water Purifier

Under the Sink or Under the Counter RO Water Purifier

Well, what exactly the Under the sink/ under the counter water purifier is? I till now had not heard about this. I am unaware of this till last year when I was thinking about remodeling my kitchen. Did I go for it? Wait till the end to find out I will be used under the … Read more